Our Story

Stories of Restoration, Stories of Hope…

At the most difficult time in my life, God reminded me of His hope and even showed me His love through Siohvaughn Funches. I had not too long been abandoned by my husband of 14 years, after nearly 17 years of suffering domestic violence abuse. My self-esteem left at the time he did, and his outward adultery was another form of abuse that hurt worse than any bruise or black eye he ever gave me. He had been so abusive to both me and my children that I know it was God that got him out of that house and away from us. But even though the physical wounds inflicted upon me have healed, and I have no visible signs of the violence and the abuse I suffered for over a decade, the internal wounds and brokenness to my heart, my mind, and even my spirit, only God can heal. God has used the testimony of Siohvaughn Funches, and her many gifts and talents He has given her to truly bless and change my life. I kept wondering where do I go now?, even though I was in an abusive relationship it was the only marriage I had ever known. God has used A Woman’s Worth to help open my eyes to my true worth, and it was never in a man or material things, but it was always hidden in Christ. God has used Siohvaughn to counsel me and pray for me at the most difficult times of my life, and now I can truly say prayer changes things.

And I thank God for Siohvaughn Funches on many occasions because she has the heart of God for what she has been empowered by God to do. It is not about show it is about the glory of God that brings about change in the lives of people. God has used this woman of compassion not to judge me, but to love me and help me to fulfill the purpose and the plan that God has for my life. She has helped me pay for school, which I know will not only be a blessing and something dear to my life, but it will impact the lives of many others. Even though God is still healing me and removing a lot of layers of hurt and pain for me to be totally restored -- these words are an expression of my heart…”I am encouraged, “I am transformed, and I will never be the same again for the glory of God.”

- A woman of valor and worth!
I had hoped that my days of sadness were over and times of tears had ended concerning men. Eventually I found out I was wrong. I came to know brokenness again. The bible says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12. My hope was deferred because I had placed my hope in a man, and fallen into sin.

It has truly been a hard time for my children and I. I have known the pain of abuse, rejection, and even the demands and pressures of being a single mother. And on top of that my children and I became homeless. We were forced to move in with others, and we had to separate from one another because we could not find anyone who would allow us, or had the room for us, to stay together. This time of separation was a very difficult and painful for us. If the emotional abuse, abandonment, and homelessness would have only affected me, that I probably could have stood, but seeing my child only a few months old suffering truly broke my heart.

I literally had nowhere or no one to turn to for help besides God. I turned to my Father in Heaven, Jehovah and He answered me. He has forgiven me for my sins and cleansed me, and is healing and restoring both my children and myself. God has provided for us a place to live and a school for my children to go to. We are experiencing a new beginning in Christ.

God used A Woman’s Worth Foundation and Siohvaughn Funches, as instruments of His love, His counsel and His healing to bring about the changes I needed in my life as well as my children. This was during one of my darkest moments for my children, and I, and we are grateful. When I found God I found hope and strength to go on. I am honored by God to have been on of the first women to stay in the “House of Hope” a transitional shelter of A Woman’s Worth Foundation and watch my children and I be restored. I was able to receive the biblical counseling that God called Siohvaughn Funches to give and I was filled with hope, wisdom, and new strength and I received the word of God. I thank God for her on every occasion.

We thank God for the purpose, and the destinies, of Dr. Siohvaughn L. Funches, and what it has done for us as a family. The word of the Lord for my children and me now is, “those who sow in tears will reap in great joy.” And I can truly say our days of joy have arrived and healing from our God has truly begun!

- A woman of valor and worth!

It's So Amazing How The Miraculous Power Of God Can Use Someone, A Total Stranger That I've Never Met Or Even Seen Before, and Introduce and Connect Me To her, who I Didn't Even Know From A Can Of Paint In Home Depot Or Lowe's...LOL!!! All Jokes Aside, It Had to Be God's Divine Intervention That Allowed Our Paths To Cross, because we did Not Know Each Other, but We All Were Obedient To What God Told Us in connecting, and He Definitely Proved To Us All That He Was Indeed In The Midst.

I'm So Thankful/Grateful To God, Because The Young Lady That Felt So Strongly To Introducing Me To Siohvaughn Didn't Even Know That It Would End Up Changing My Life For The Better Forever!!! With That Being Said, From The Time Siohvaughn First Contacted Me, She Started Out Both With A Very Powerful Prayer & Prophecy That Gave Me A Confirmation From God That This Was A God Ordained Sisterhood That Was Miraculously Sent By Him!!! I Say That Because It Was at a Very Difficult Time In My Life, & God Used Siohvaughn To Speak Life Into Me Again After I Was Feeling So Hopeless With The Pain & Grief From The Tragedy Of Losing My Youngest Son Due To An Accidental Drowning.

Siohvaughn Has Since Prayed and Prophesied To Me About What God Was and Is Going To Do In My Life!!!

Fast Forward, Now I Am A Living Witness and I Have A Testimony As To How God Used This Beautiful and Blessed Woman Of God Siohvaughn As A Chosen Vessel To Speak Healing, Restoration, Faith, Hope, & Love Back Into My Life, along With Encouraging Me & Helping Me In Several Ways During The Most Difficult Times In My Life.

I Am So Honored and Humbled That Siohvaughn Has Allowed God To Use Her To Extend Herself To Me By Being A Blessing In So Many Ways. Not Even My Own Family, Friends, Or People That I've Known Most Of My Life Has Ever Done What Siohvaughn Has Done. I Am Forever Thankful and Grateful To God For Our Ordained Friendship, Because It Was Definitely Ordained By God Himself. Siohvaughn Is A Sincere and Genuine Woman Of God, & She Has really and Truly Been A Blessing To Me Beyond What Words Can Ever Say.

- A woman of worth!

For the purposes of safety and privacy the names of these very courageous women have not been revealed.